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I can’t wait

September 5, 2011

Neil deGrasse Tyson has agreed to host a revision of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. The 13-hour series originally aired in 1980 and is the most widely watched series on public television. Sagan’s story of the universe was eloquent and awe-inspiring, but more importantly, it was based on the most current science available as opposed to mythology or holy texts. Now Tyson, whom many say is the Sagan of our time, is taking up the baton and re-presenting the wonder of our origins with updated science, improved visual effects, and his trademark warmth and enthusiasm. The updated Cosmos will air on Fox sometime in 2013.

Cosmos was a bit before my time, airing when I was just in kindergarten. I watched it for the first time only a year ago with Ethan, who found it interesting despite its relatively slow pace.  I’ll be glad that an updated version with today’s CGI, high-def video production will be available to my boys and their generation.

Here’s Tyson talking about how parents can encourage scientific exploration and critical thinking in their children.


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  1. Jonathan permalink

    I would certainly be interested in this. I saw a few episodes from this series in my younger years and found it all brilliant. I’d love to see this resurrected (or resuscitated, if you prefer ;).

  2. I can’t wait. I really really really hope that it brings science tot he masses. I discovered you thru the atheist blogroll. Good luck buddy. There is another atheist daddy blog called Laughing in Purgatory and Andy is a really cool atheist dad and very funny. Check it out. Awesomeness.


    • Hi Kriss,

      You discovered me? Well I discovered you earlier and even left you a comment once. Andy and I exchange comments occasionally too. Blog on!

  3. thats awesome

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