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Thoughts come from your head

August 21, 2011

Not from some spirit, god, ancestor, ghost, or other paranormal source. The remarkable jazz vocalists Betty Carter and Diane Schuur have sung on Sesame Street about the true source of thoughts and dreams.

I once spoke to an LDS scientist whose testimony seemed to center in his belief that he could distinguish insights from outsights. I just made up the word outsight, so I might as well define it here. Outsight is a thought that is attributed to a supernatural entity, most commonly a spirit or god. I used to do this myself, giving credit to any wise words or noble thoughts to the Spirit.

There’s other kid-appropriate freethought music like this available on YouTube. I use a free and super-easy YouTube-to-MP3 converter to capture audio that I can then play in the car. Often the messages of such music offer drive-time opportunities to talk to my boys about concepts that are unlikely to come up while listening to the radio. Regarding copyright, much of this audio can’t be purchased anywhere because the songs were created specifically for video, and sometimes specifically for YouTube. See for example Evolution Made Us All, Cambrian Explosion, Godless and Free, It’s Only Natural, Rama’s Praises, and Beware of Dogma to get a sense of what’s available. These and other YouTube finds are in my “Freethought” playlist. Let me know if you have any other kid-appropriate videos to recommend for the playlist!

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  1. That Rama song is very catchy.

  2. Isn’t it?! The whole “Sita Sings the Blues” is a terrific modern retelling of the Indian epic Ramayana. My boys enjoyed it, and I learned a bit about the Indian pantheon from it.

  3. Jonathan permalink

    I’m not under the impression that your distinction between insights and outsights is the same as the intended message of the Sesame Street song.

  4. Jonathan permalink

    This is not on topic with your current post, but since the most relevant post is no longer on your front page, I thought this link might be interesting, simply for a little different perspective on how Mormons interpret science and revelation.

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