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Teach your children well

July 24, 2011

…from the Old Testament. Forbid them from intermarriage. Love one child more than the next. Lie to foreigners that your wife is your sister. Conspire with a loved one to deceive an elderly family member, and you too will be walking in the righteous path of the Lord.

These four new stories were just added to the book of Genesis in The Brick Testament.

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  1. Jonathan permalink

    After all, everyone in the scriptures is perfect and always models exemplary behavior, right? I understand that when we talk about an infallible God who never changes, we assume that those who follow him would subscribe to the same morals we do today, but this is clearly unfair. They lived in a different time with a different culture. God does not dictate every aspect of our society, and judges men by the standards they hold at the time. I don’t think that cannibalistic cultures or those that would sacrifice 9 year old girls to their gods are doing the right thing in my culture’s eyes, but I think God would judge them according to the knowledge that they have.

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