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Atheist lullaby

July 8, 2011

The doctor, lawyer, and atheist activist Michael Newdow has written a lovely atheist lullaby that I thought I’d share. It’s called “Doesn’t Make It So,” from his album “Liberty & Justice for All.”

Through your life you’ll hear some things others say are true,
senators and clergymen and your teachers, too.
Listen well to what they say, but you need to know,
just because they said it doesn’t make it so.

Listen to your elders. Show them due respect.
When the bishop speaks to you, bow and genuflect.
Try to understand each word so your mind can grow.
But just because he said it doesn’t make it so.

You’ll hear so much, how can you know
what’s just not true, what just isn’t so?
People believe with such fervid zeal.
Question everything you’re told to find out what’s real.

As you look around the world it’s clear that you must
put your faith in others, grant a bit of trust.
You can’t challenge every statement. Some you just let go.
But just because you’ve read it doesn’t make it so.

People repeat stories that they hear,
certain that they’re right, but just one thing’s clear—
they often know nothing more than you.
Question everything to learn what is true.

I will always be nearby, guide you in your years,
love you through your laughter, hold you though your fears,
try to give you answers when your questions flow,
but just because I said it doesn’t make it so.

Ethan sleeping

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  1. Jonathan permalink

    Interesting thing is that despite our different ideologies, there is much I agree with here. I do believe in God, and I do instruct my children in my beliefs. I hope they will ultimately come to the same conclusions as I have and will encourage them to seek along the same lines, but I want them to ultimately draw their conclusions. Beautiful picture of your boy, by the way.

  2. This is a beautiful song thank you for sharing!

    I think it’s very important what you are teaching your kids, to question the world around them yet be respectful. The religious have many songs which teach kids about it’s history, so it’s nice to see the atheists point of view on this part of our culture.

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