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I won!

June 29, 2011

Tom Rees over at Epiphenom has recently given away three free copies of the book Jesus Potter Harry Christ: The Fascinating Parallels Between Two of the World’s Most Popular Literary Characters, and I’m one of the winners!

Roseli has been rather obsessively listening to all of the Harry Potter books in preparation for the last movie and her enthusiasm has infected our boys. Elijah has been wearing little round glasses as a convincing and adorable Harry. He’s been calling me Hagrid, Joshua Ron, and Roseli Professor McGonagall.

Ethan is also Harry (he insists that Ejijah is really Dumbledore) and it thrills me to see my 7-year-old carrying around with him and reading the 320-page Sorcerer’s Stone everywhere he goes.

When “Lion King” came out, we heard several testimonies in church about the parallels between the Disney movie and the gospel. In fact, there is a book called Gospel in the Lion KingSome church member seemed to think that the Spirit inspired the folks at Disney to help prepare the masses to receive the gospel, but many good stories simply share some common elements: good vs. evil, coming of age, father/son dynamics, and so forth.

[How cool is it to have a book review from someone named Parmenides?!]

As soon as the book arrives and we’re able to read it, I’ll review it here. Thanks to Tom Rees and Derek Murphy for offering a copy of the book!

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