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I’ve got only one dad

June 19, 2011
My dad holding me, 1974


And I’m the only real dad my boys are ever going to have. This thought disturbs some people, but the reality motivates me to be the best father I can be.

Quote from Robert G. Ingersoll

When I was a child I thought of childish things:
Eternal life in paradise with angel wings,
A father up in heaven who would hover over me,
And tell me what to think, tell me what to be;
But now that I have grown,
It’s time to use my own good mind.

I’m outa here! Let me outa here!
I found my own place—
I’ve left my fathers house behind.

A normal dad is really glad to realize
His little child has now become, before his eyes,
An independent person who can stand on steady feet,
An equal human being with character complete.
But God is not that way—
He orders me to stay his child.

For God so loved the world he gave his only son—
A sacrifice to pay the price for everyone—
And if you believe that this guy deserves a Fatherhood Award,
You can move in with this guy, and he will by your Lord.
But listen to this song:
Forever is a long, long time!

Lyrics from My Father’s House © 2004 by Dan Barker

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  1. Jonathan permalink

    I know that the topic of your father is probably a very sensitive one right now. I am glad that you love him so. However, I wanted to share something I wrote several years ago to illustrate why I disagree with this post. I love my father very much, but I love my Father even more.

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