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Memories of Mom

May 8, 2011

I remember her reading to me.  I liked Do Baby Bears Sit in Chairs? and Pistachio.  When she read to me, the quality of her voice changed somehow.  It became more girlish, relaxed, and loving.

I remember her making ginger cookies while we listened to the radio – Kenny Rogers, the Oak Ridge Boys, and Lionel Ritchie come to mind as some of the singers we would hear either on the radio or on the tape player.

I remember her playing the piano – George Gershwin, Debusy’s “Claire de Lune,” and Barbara Streisand.

I remember her working at the rental one day and I saw her take an in-control attitude as she painted and instructed me how I could help out.

I remember her sewing her own clothes.

I remember her eating M&Ms candies while watching “Wheel of Fortune” on T.V. before she made dinner.

I remember her sitting on the toilet seat crying one day when I was very small and me asking her what was wrong.

I remember her telling me she had cried when she found out I had been accepted to participate in the exchange program to go to Kiev.

I remember her browsing through the clothes at the mall.

I remember her leaving some evenings to visit her mother or to go shopping.

I remember her preparing for my brother’s wedding in our back yard and how she searched for guitar music to play during the ceremony.

I remember asking her as she stood in the bathroom one day, “Mom, don’t you want to live as long as possible?”  She knew I was talking about her smoking.

I remember her doing yard work in the summer and turning beet red from the heat.

I remember going camping, and she would wash all the dishes in a plastic tub.

I remember going to Disneyland with her and her friend Carol.

I remember getting up every morning and making breakfast at 5:30, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

I remember her doing housework, washing, ironing, and vacuuming.  She would vacuum almost every Saturday as I watched Saturday morning cartoons.

I remember her licking her finger to wipe sleep out of my eye.

I remember playing Yatzee with her and Dad.

I remember her playing Frogger on the computer.

I remember her singing “Sing a Song of Sixpence” in a British accent, and singing “Summertime” by Porgy and Bess.

I remember when we went roller skating with our neighbor Vade at a school and how she broke her wrist.

I remember going to the library with Mom.

I remember my mother making me my favorite food for my birthday: chicken fingers, rice, and peas.

I remember going to the mall with my mom.  The escalators were the most fun.  Then at night, as the stores closed, we had to find our way back to the car.

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  1. Pauline Weldon permalink

    I remember her laugh……….
    I remember how she and I could get the giggles and have to RUN to the potty.
    I remember her sewing was lovely.
    I remember she was very creative.
    I remember how I missed her when we moved away.
    I remember how much I missed her when she became ‘late’. I still miss her.
    In my kitchen is a little crafty thingy that she made Richard and I.
    I see it everyday and think of her.
    I remember how much I hate cigarettes when I think of her.
    Thanks Kevin……….I really enjoy your FB postings.
    P Weldon

  2. I remember going shopping at the mall with mom, too, and hiding inside the round racks of clothing at Sears. I thought I was being witty and fun, and then I remember her crying and telling me she thought she lost me. I learned the feeling of stupid guilt at the age of four.

  3. Kale permalink

    This is sweet

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