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Evolution made us all

February 7, 2011

This is a revision of a hymn long overdue for an edit.

This kind of accurate information won’t be offered at church, so it’s up to us as parents.

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  1. Lesya permalink

    Interesting stuff, Kevin! If you do not mind my asking: in my family, my partner and I have taken a united stand on the role of the religion in our lives. This has made parenting easier (if parenting can be easy at all!). I know your partner is a believer, who plays a part in educating her children about her beliefs just like you do. How do your world views affect the way you both make parental decisions?

    I really enjoy your open-mindedness and respect your life position. Your FB updates are thought-provoking and different.

    • We’ve agreed that we can both teach our children what is important to us, and our kids are smart and will figure out what they’ll accept or reject on their own. My slogan regarding this approach is “respectful honesty.” Diversity of opinion exists in the larger society, and our home is just a microcosm of this, where different opinions exist, and are encourangd to be shared honestly and with respect to the other’s differing viewpoint.

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