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The sham of priesthood blessings

February 2, 2011

The 5th Sunday lesson this week was on Elder Oak’s talk, “Healing the Sick,” about priesthood blessings. During the lesson we learned the following:

Only men can give a blessing. But, women who don’t have access to the priesthood won’t be denied blessings if they pray. First, what is the use of giving a blessing if a prayer is just as effectual? Second, the misogyny.

Blessings are to be given together with proper medical care. This way, when the sick person gets better due to the medical care, you can mask the inefficacy of the blessing and pretend that the blessing worked.

In the end, whatever happens is the will of God in the end. If the body’s immune system does its job, thank God. If the person dies, thank God—it’s all God’s plan. Again, what in the world is the use of giving the blessing in the first place?

I think most people would benefit immensely from learning to think critically, understanding the placebo effect, and seeing the parallels between blessings and homeopathy.

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