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Saviors saved

January 13, 2011

The adult Sunday school lesson next week is Lesson 3: “Unto You Is Born … a Saviour. ” One part of the lesson is about Matthew 2, which discusses Herod who commanded that every male child two years old and younger be killed.

When Krishna in India was a child, the ruler Cansa commanded, “Let active search be made for whatever young children there may be upon earth, and let every boy in whom there may be found signs of unusual greatness be slain without remorse.” Krishna was carried away by night, hid in a region remote from his birth. As his parents approached the river Jumna, it parted and they passed on dry land, just as Moses was said to have done through the Red Sea.

Krishna, like Jesus and other saviors, was threatened with death in infancy.

The Egyptian God Osiris was also threatened with death by the ruler Amulius. Osiris’ parents fled with him to the Nile River, just as Jesus’ parents did.

The Grecian savior Alcides was taken by his parents to Galem for protection from threatening danger.

While the mother of the savior Zoraster (Persia, 600 BC) was pregnant , she had alarming dreams  of evil spirits who wanted to kill her baby.

As Graves notes in The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors: Christianity before Christ, “It is certainly a remarkable circumstance that so many of the infant Saviors should have been threatened with the most imminent danger of destruction, and yet in every case miraculously preserved, and thus were the Saviors saved.

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