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August 14, 2010

The Primary theme for this week at church is “Jesus Christ has power over death.”

Of course, Jesus isn’t the only one that mythmakers have claimed to have resurrected. So did:

  • Horus of Egypt (3000 BC)
  • Mithra of Persia (1200 BC)
  • Krishna of India (900 BC)
  • Dionysus of Greece (500 BC)
  • Appolonius of Tyana (98 AD)

Each had followers who believed them to be their messiahs just as fervently as many today believe in Jesus. Understanding this can help kids develop an appreciation for history and other cultures.

Knowing Jesus’ resurrection story in the context of other cultures also helps kids think critically. When critical thinkers hear a miracle story such as the resurrection, they ask themselves, “What is more probable, that this miracle actually happened, or that what I am hearing is just a story?”

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One Comment
  1. Amazing, isn’t it, how modern scholarship has put so many pieces together, yet blind faith prevents viewing of the whole puzzle?

    The case of the resurrected deity is but one of so many copycat stories in the Bible; why aren’t more people actually paying attention?

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